haircuts showing back of hair


The Many Hairstyles Of Trey Gowdy [SLIDESHOW]
It’s more like he has a dart board where he has written various hairstyles, and when it comes time for a new ... He has done everything from the “Draco Malfoy” slick-back, to the “I yell at the umpire ...

All 16 of Tom Brady's hairstyles, ranked
Brady should bring this one back for his final season. Every single guy I went to high school with styled their hair like this. His gelled bangs are acting as a protective wall for the rest of his hai...

Goodbye to "Good Hair": Six People Open Up to Allure About the Beauty and Diversity of Black Hair
"I didn't want to go far away from each model's personal hairstyles," explains Seto McCoy ... Even as mainstream society grapples with accepting black hair, we wanted to show our subjects embracing th...

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