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Posted on Aug 13th 2016

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Posted on Apr 18th 2016

Members of the community are coming forward to help the Springfield man who was told to stop charity work because he didn’t have a state license. Hundreds in the community spoke out on Facebook after the Springfield News-Sun reported about Tony Jones. "I got off of work and saw this homeless man with long hair and beard," said Ibanez, who approached him to offer a haircut. "The first thing he said, 'Hey bro do you have any money.' [I said].

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Posted on Apr 12th 2016

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Posted on Feb 28th 2016

MyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog)Local Groups Team Up To Combat HomelessnessMyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog)He recalls all the places he had to go just to lay his head down at night. "Abandoned. Fortunately for him and so many others in the Monroe area, there is an organization geared toward getting homeless people off the streets, known as Operation.

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Posted on Nov 15th 2015

Daily MailContraceptive jab on the NHS that you inject at homeDaily MailYoung women will today be offered a DIY contraceptive jab for free on the health service. The jab, which they can give themselves at home, will be available from GPs or family planning clinics as a convenient alternative to the Pill. Women.

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Posted on Sep 18th 2015

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