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Posted on Mar 8th 2018

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Posted on Oct 23rd 2017

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Posted on Sep 3rd 2017

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Posted on Aug 14th 2017

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Larry Brown SportsTom Brady rocking the Shawn Hunter haircutLarry Brown SportsTom Brady, man of many haircuts, is tossing a new one at us as he prepares to sit out the first four weeks of the 2016 regular season. Brady took the podium for his scheduled press conference on Tuesday sporting a slightly new look. For those of you.and.

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Posted on Jun 8th 2016

This is Smoky, a female Yorkshire Terrier that served in World War II. the Other Woman Was a Real Dog." Take a look at more photos of the pair below, and if you're looking for a companion of your own, head on over to the ASPCA adoption site or.

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Posted on Mar 9th 2016

A teenage girl who has a leopard print-style haircut was sent home on her first day back at school. Lauren McDowall, from Sheffield, said she had complied with Forge Valley School's uniform policy and her haircut was a way of her expressing herself. I picked him up and put him back in the van. That behavior was atypical of a Yorkie, as was going into his carrier when told, standing still when given a haircut,.

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