little african american boys haircuts


Schools Keep Denying Education To Black Students Over Hairstyles
A new academic year is underway, but some Black students have encountered old rules that ... California school told a 14-year-old boy to fix his haircut because the lines that were cut into his fade w...

Students are waging war on sexist and racist school dress codes — and they’re winning
“Boys can dress like girls ... they got braids for the first time to connect with their African-American heritage. When they showed up at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School with the hairstyles, how...

Why the Ava DuVernay Barbie Is a Milestone for the Brand—and for America
Mattel cast a little boy ... American society, she’s making some kind of progress after all. If Barbie is an echo of shifting cultural views of women, a Barbie who can be a political, outspoken black ...

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