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I phoned Chapman, who claims his club has more than 500 members worldwide, mainly men who admire women with Michael Jordan-type haircuts. "America has a real fixation on hair ... (Top prize is $500.) ...

Real-life Rapunzel has enough hair to drop down a four-story building
What made this Atlanta resident decide to quit getting haircuts back when Ronald Reagan was president? Asha Mandela's hair is over 19ft long (with one dread lock measuring in at more than 55ft… Advert...

Real-Life 'Rapunzel' Gets First-Ever Haircut for Kids with Cancer
Growing up, Britain’s Charlie Tillotson swore a vow against haircuts. For years ... haircut of her young life from family friend Rianne Woodruff, who transformed her Rapunzel-style locks into a sleek ...

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