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‘Men of discipline?’ Police banned from wearing sunglasses following haircut order as force gets an image makeover
In the December 14 order, in addition to requiring officers to have short haircuts to reflect an image of “men of discipline”, Chakthip also required uniformed officers on duty to avoid expressing “in...

Sikh Activists Upset Over Inmate's Haircut
And for devout Sikhs, Ahuja's haircut represents hundreds of years of persecution ... Back in the days of Gobind Singh, turbans were worn by men of wealth and status, and the Sikhs adopted the turban ...

Top 10 Short Haircuts for Black Men in 2018.
Go through our list of short haircuts for black men presented here and, if you’d still like to explore more styles, feel free to head over to Men Hairstylist. 1) The Neat Fade Short Haircut The secret ...

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